F. Scott Murray


Scott comes from a litigation background and worked in a variety of areas before deciding to focus on family law matters. He has experience with family law issues of all kinds, including untangling or protecting complex assets, parenting disputes (including parental alienation), and unusual child support and spousal support problems.


Scott is driven by a passion for finding creative ways to use the law to help people. Despite starting his career as a dyed-in-the-wool litigator, he knows from experience that the best approach to assisting a client is the one that will get the best results, with the lowest cost and the least disruption to their life.  This usually means taking a combination of approaches to their legal issues and helping them connect with other professionals who can support them throughout their dispute and beyond.

Something Special

At home, Scott enjoys playing with his impractical British cars, cooking a limited variety of cuisines poorly, and sipping Scotch so peaty that it tastes like dirt to everyone else.  Before his legal career, Scott obtained two degrees in history, and he keeps up this interest in areas as diverse as the Napoleonic-era Royal Navy and the environmental history of the Pacific coast of North America.

What Community Means to Scott

For Scott, community is about people.  Scott has lived all across Canada – Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Kelowna, and more – but when he thinks about his community, it’s actually the accumulation of all the people he’s come to know, in those places and others.  Community is the people who make you feel at home; the people who you understand, and who understand you.

Scott is a lawyer with Connect Family Law.

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