Joel Zanatta


Joel has practiced personal injury law for over 15 years. He advocates for people who need strategic yet straightforward legal advice following all types of accidents, resulting in simple to catastrophic injuries. In his role as a litigator, he has assisted countless individuals effectively resolve their injury claims through informal negotiations, mediations, settlement conferences, and trial. 


Joel is dedicated to providing service excellence to every client, from the moment they connect with him through to the completion of their claim. Throughout the process, he keeps his clients well-informed and up-to-date, ensuring that they feel heard and involved. At the same time, Joel is committed to reducing the stress and emotional toil that personal injury claimants often experience. Joel has built a practice in personal injury using a contingency fee arrangement.  Simply put, he will meet with you for a free consultation, where he will evaluate your case and provide you with valuable legal advice.  If he takes on your case, you will not be charged for his services until and unless you successfully conclude your claim.

Something Special

He loves the outdoors, cycling, and travel, and he brings the same vigor to all his clients’ legal challenges. Notably, Joel was involved in a precedent-setting BC Court of Appeal decision that resulted in requiring ICBC to extend benefits to a catastrophically injured motorcyclist operating a vehicle with a learner’s driver’s licence.

What Community Means to Joel

Joel is from a small town in British Columbia, and though he has built a large legal practice in Vancouver, his roots are in the country.

Joel is a lawyer with Hammerberg Lawyers.

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