Kieran Morris


Kieran advises on all aspects of real estate law, including buying and selling residential and commercial properties, refinancing, and amending the title of your home. He skillfully guides clients through the conveyancing process, overseeing and acting as the “point person” for the documentation, due diligence, financing and payment aspects of each transaction.


Kieran knows that buying or selling property is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make in their lives. He also believes that legal services should be accessible, affordable, and convenient. These insights translate into prompt, attentive, thoughtful service and a firm commitment to keep his clients' needs at the centre of the process.

Something Special

Kieran is truly passionate about real estate and has been since he moved to British Columbia in 2001 (and before he attended law school!). When he opened his legal practice a few years ago, it was a no-brainer that real estate would be his primary focus.  It was the perfect way to blend passion with profession, which translates into genuine enthusiasm for his work and his clients.

What Community Means to Kieran

For Kieran, community means the love, care, and support of those around us. As our world becomes increasingly less connected, it is more important than ever to develop a strong sense of community. The cities we live in are diverse, but that does not mean we are different: we all want to make the most of our lives and be happy. Community is appreciating that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and remembering that the more we band together and help each other out, the stronger and better off we will all be. 

Kieran is a lawyer with Morris Law.

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