Michael Shapray


Michael has over 20 years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer and a record of success defending clients throughout British Columbia. He advises on the full range of criminal charges, including drug crimes, sex offences, fraud, assault, and motor vehicle offences such as impaired driving.  Michael is often consulted by clients during the initial stages of a police investigation and has had considerable success at that stage resulting in many clients not being arrested or charged and having the police file closed.  In addition to defending against criminal charges, Michael has successfully represented many people facing disciplinary or regulatory proceedings such as teachers, doctors and real estate agents.


Michael prides himself on providing a high level of service and personal, prompt attention to his clients’ cases. Resident in the Lower Mainland, he regularly travels throughout the province, including to Vancouver Island, to serve his clients. Michael works as quickly as possible to construct a solid defence strategy and then moves forward to achieve your goal. Always prepared, professional and determined, he has earned a reputation as a criminal defence lawyer who gets results. Adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism while aggressively pursuing a positive resolution to each client's case, Michael has won the respect of prosecutors and judges.

Something Special

Ultimately, Michael practices criminal law because he cares about people and enjoys using his knowledge and experience to make a difference in their lives.

Michael’s clients are good people who have found themselves in bad situations — people who need compassionate and effective legal help. He has represented religious leaders, professional athletes, movie and television actors, accountants, doctors, professors, and business and professional people of all kinds.

What Community Means to Michael

Michael respects and places a high value on the vibrancy and uniqueness of British Columbia's varied communities. Having been involved in criminal cases and investigations in almost all of BC's cities and towns - large and small, he has witnessed firsthand the differences that exist between the province's various regions.  One of the reasons Michael continues to enjoy his work is the opportunity it affords him to visit and help people throughout BC.  Every one of his clients has a family, business or other connection to their local community and his criminal law practice has allowed him to serve a variety of people and their families in a time of stress and need. 

Michael is in private practice as a sole practitioner.

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